• Membership

    • Lughole Club membership is open to the general public via sponsorship by an existing Lughole Club member.

    • Club membership applicants must provide their full name and address which will be kept on file in accordance with GPDR regulations. 

    • Club membership is restricted to individuals over 16 years of age and applicants will be asked to show proof of ID upon collection of their membership card. 

    • All Club memberships are valid for one calendar year 

    • All Club memberships are subject to an annual fee

    • All Club membership applications are subject to a 48hr ‘cooling off’ period

    • The Club reserves the right to revoke any memberships from individuals whose conduct is in breach of Club rules


  • Conduct of Members/guests 

    • The following acts are considered misconduct and will not be tolerated on Lughole Club premises: the use of prohibited substances, physical and verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation, acts of hate, abusive, aggressive or threatening behaviour of any kind.   

    • The Club reserves the right to ask guests or Club members to leave the premises if they behave contrary to the Club's rules and policies.

    • Possible sanctions for misconduct include (but are not limited to): verbal warnings, immediate ejection from premises, temporary bans, termination of membership.

    • If a complaint is made against a member whose actions have been seen to constitute misconduct, this will be addressed with the individual at the time and then, where necessary, followed up by a meeting held by the Club at a later date. Once the situation has been further examined the Club will decide on an appropriate response, the form of which may include one or more of the sanctions outlined in section 2.4.

    • In the event that a termination of membership is considered justifiable, an extraordinary meeting consisting of individuals involved and Club representatives as appropriate will be held. 

    • Any individual whose membership is terminated will not be able to re-apply for Club membership or be admitted as a guest unless the termination is reviewed by the Club. 

    • Club members and guests are requested to enter and leave the premises quietly so as to avoid unnecessary disturbance to local residents/businesses.


  • Disputes

    • In the event of a dispute between Club members that is not covered by these rules, a meeting will be called internally between all involved parties and a mediating party to discuss the matter and see if a resolution can be reached.

    • If such a dispute cannot be resolved internally, it may be referred to an independent arbitrator, the appointment of whom is mutually acceptable to all parties.


  • Guests

    • Members of The Lughole Club are permitted to introduce guests to the premises at a limit of one guest per event. No Club member can admit more than one guest per event and no single guest may be introduced more than six times in any one year. 

    • Members must be present throughout the period their guest is in the Club.

    • Club members are to ensure that both themselves and their guest are signed in and out at the start and end of each respective visit. 

    • Members introducing guests are responsible for the conduct of their guest for the duration of their visit and must ensure that Club rules and policies are abided by at all times. 

    • Members may face sanctions should their guest be found in violation of the Club’s rules and/or policies. 

    • No person whose membership has been previously terminated under the rules of the Club shall at any time be introduced as a guest.

    • Performers and their entourage appearing at events arranged by the Gig Committee need not be members of the Club or be signed in as guests. The conduct of performers and their entourage is the responsibility of the Gig Committee for the duration of their visit.


5.  Structure (please also refer to appendix 1) 

The Lughole’s structure is split into four areas:

  • Club Members: all members of the Lughole Club

  • Sub-Committees: four Sub-Committee groups responsible for the various functions of the Lughole Club

  • Collective Members: all individuals in the Sub-Committees and the Board of Directors

  • Board of Directors: four individuals in the roles of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Facilities Co-Ordinator 


  • General Meetings

    • An AGM must be held annually within six months of the end of the financial year (April)

    • The business of an Annual General Meeting must include:

    • the receipt of accounts, balance sheet and financial report to the board

    • the appointment of an auditor (if required)

    • the election of the board or the results of an election if held previously that year

    • the application of profits

6.3 Calling a General Meeting:

    • General Meetings can be convened by the Club Secretary at the request of the Board of Directors.

    • Club members must be given 14 days’ notice prior to the meeting, this can be given via written notice, delivered by hand or posted to Club members’ addresses.

    • The Board of Directors must instruct the Club Secretary to call a general meeting within a month upon receipt of a written request signed by 1/10 of the Club membership or 100 Club members

    • No business shall be transacted at a general meeting unless a quorum of members is attained. Quorum is 3 members or 1% of the membership, whichever is greater. This may be amended by an extraordinary resolution. 


  • Purchase of Alcohol 

    • The purchase for the Club and the supply by the Club of intoxicating liquor shall be at the discretion of the Lughole Collective and restricted to individuals over the age of 18. 

    • The Lughole Collective shall arrange for the purchase of intoxicating liquors on behalf of the Club and for the supply thereof to members at prices to be determined by the Club. 

    • The Lughole Collective shall keep an account of all purchases and receipts and shall at every Annual General Meeting, present a record, report and financial statement for the preceding year.  

    • The Bar Collective shall in no way be restricted in freedom of purchase.



  • Drugs 

    • The Lughole Club operates a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal drug use. 

    • No member or guest shall purchase, use, possess, sell or distribute illegal drugs on the premises. 

    • Members proven to have taken part in any of the above will immediately have their membership terminated.


  • Applications of profit

Any profits of the Club shall be applied to the following areas, subject to decision by AGM:  

  • A general reserve for the continuation and development of the Club 

  • Making payment for social or community purposes within the community served by the Club


  • Animals 

    • No animals, other than legally recognized and certified Assistance Dogs, may be allowed onto Club premises without prior agreement. 

    • No animals of any kind to be allowed onto Club premises during live events or during usage of the rehearsal rooms where decibel levels are higher than 80db. 


  • Modification of rules/by laws

    • The Lughole Club in a general meeting, or Board of Directors, may from time to time make, adopt and amend such regulations in the form of bylaws, standing orders, secondary rules or otherwise as they think fit for the management, conduct and regulation of the affairs of the Club and the proceedings and powers of the Board of Directors and Sub-Committees. No regulation shall be made which is inconsistent with these rules or the Act. All Members of the Club and the Board of Directors shall be bound by such regulations whether or not they have received a copy of them.


11.2 Dissolution

The Lughole Club may be dissolved:

  • in accordance with section 119 of the Insolvency Act 1986, by an instrument of dissolution.

  • in accordance with section 123 of the Act in pursuance of a Winding Up Order or by a resolution made or passed as directed in regard to companies by the Act. 

  • In accordance with section 125 of the Act, after administration and administrator issues a notice to dissolve the Club without prior winding-up





Appendix 1