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Tiered Ticket Trial

The Lughole currently operates a not for profit approach with event promoters. Which means that both The Lughole and the promoter do not set out a profit cut from ticket prices. In addition to this approach, we will also be running a trial of income based tiered ticketing.

This trial means that we on some events the promoter will be offering three tiers of tickets:

Tier 1 Standard Ticket – This would be the general admission cost, which is generally based on the min cost of putting on the event.

Tier 2 Concession Ticket – These tickets are for individuals who are not employed/underemployed, have no or very limited expendable income, or qualify for government and/or voluntary assistance.

Tier 3 Solidarity Ticket – These tickets are for individual who have additional expendable income and are happy to provide a donation to help subsidise concession tickets.

The trial will run until Feb 2023, at that point we will assess the impact of trial and decide how to proceed.

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