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Come Volunteer At The Lughole!

The Lughole is a fully volunteer led organisation. Everyone from the directors to the door staff are all Lughole club members and volunteers.

We welcome and are in dire need of more volunteers to help facilitate events.

Never pulled a pint before? Not to worry, we offer basic training and shadowing on all the volunteering roles

If you would like to volunteer please drop us an email at

Here is a quick overview of the volunteering roles:

Door – You will volunteer on your own or in pairs (depending on how busy the event is likely to be) to scan members in, issue member cards for those ordered online, check pre order tickets and take payment for tickets on the door using a card machine and cash.

Length of shift – 19:00 – 21:30 (unless it’s a matinee or early start gig)



Bar – You will volunteer as part of a team of 2-4 people. General bar work such as pouring pints, making basic drinks, restocking fridges, loading, and unloading the glasswasher, changing barrels and taking both card and cash payments. There will be two shifts for this role, shift 1 will arrive prior to door and carry out the opening of the bar, shift 2 will close the bar down after time has been called.

Length of shifts -

Shift 1 – 19:00 – 22:00 (unless it’s a matinee or early start gig)

Shift 2 – 22:00 – 01:00 (unless it’s a matinee or early start gig)



Cleaning – You will volunteer alongside the event promoter. This will likely take place the day after the event occurs. General cleaning tasks, brushing, hoovering, mopping, cleaning of toilets, litter picking and bar cleaning.


Length of shift – approx. 2 hours (times are flexible)

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