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The Lughole is a private members club, this means that in order to attend events and purchase alcohol at the bar you need to either be a member or a guest of a member. Being a member allows you to sign in three guests on the night. The memberships are either annual, or for 6 months and start at the point of sign up. Memberships need to be applied for 48 hours prior to attending an event.


Concession Membership Rate

In order to increase our accessibility and reduced the financial barrier for those on lower incomes, Lughole have introduced concession rates for memberships. The concessional rate is intended for the following groups:

  • Individuals who are not employed/underemployed
  • Individuals who have no or very limited expendable income
  • Individuals 16 – 21 years old
  • Individuals who qualify for government and/or voluntary assistance. This includes disability and carer related benefits


Please only order one per transaction. As we take the details of the purchaser as the membership details.






    • Club Memberships

      Lughole Club membership is open to the general public via sponsorship by an existing Lughole Club member.

      Club membership applicants must provide their full name and address which will be kept on file in accordance with GPDR regulations.

      Club membership is restricted to individuals over 16 years of age and applicants will be asked to show proof of ID upon collection of their membership card.

      All Club memberships are valid for either one calendar year or 6 months

      All Club memberships are subject to an annual fee or 6 monthly

      All Club membership applications are subject to a 48hr ‘cooling off’ period

      The Club reserves the right to revoke any memberships from individuals whose conduct is in breach of Club rules or policies



      Conduct of Members/guests

      The following acts are considered misconduct and will not be tolerated on Lughole Club premises: the use of prohibited substances, physical and verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation, acts of hate, abusive, aggressive or threatening behaviour of any kind.   

      The Club reserves the right to ask guests or Club members to leave the premises if they behave contrary to the Club's rules and policies.

      Possible sanctions for misconduct include (but are not limited to): verbal warnings, immediate ejection from premises, temporary bans, termination of membership.

      If a complaint is made against a member whose actions have been seen to constitute misconduct, this will be addressed with the individual at the time and then, where necessary, followed up by a meeting held by the Club at a later date. Once the situation has been further examined the Club will decide on an appropriate response, the form of which may include one or more of the sanctions outlined in section .

      In the event that a termination of membership is considered justifiable, an extraordinary meeting consisting of individuals involved and Club representatives as appropriate will be held.

      Any individual whose membership is terminated will not be able to re-apply for Club membership or be admitted as a guest unless the termination is reviewed by the Club.

      Club members and guests are requested to enter and leave the premises quietly so as to avoid unnecessary disturbance to local residents/businesses.


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